Genesis 2:1-17 | 15 March 2020
EP 2 - Who God Is – The Good Life God Gave

Rules are meant to be broken. We should be free to do whatever we want!

Or should we...?

Imagine a world without rules where everyone just does as they please, where there is no higher standard to decide what is acceptable and not acceptable and hold us accountable. What a nightmare it would be.

Good rules are necessary to ensure the welfare of the human community. And thus, God commanded Adam and Eve to not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The rule was given so that they could enjoy the good life under the good God who created them. But Adam and Eve ate of the said tree and threw away the good life that they once had - that God gave.

What is so bad about eating the fruit, you might ask? Was God being just when He took away the good life from Adam and Eve in response to this seemingly small matter?