Frequently Asked Questions

What is Geddit?

Geddit hosts events where we answer larger-than-life questions. There's always thought-provoking entertainment, from skits to original music that'll make you ponder life's deeper meaning. But the highlight of Geddit are undoubtedly the talks that convey one single point: Get God, and Get Life.

What happens at Geddit?

The physical Geddit experience typically includes various performances, skits or games, an engaging talk that will make you question the meaning of life, and discussions with some newly-made friends, all accompanied by a delectable 3 course meal.

I’m interested in joining Geddit. What to do next?
  1. Signing Up
    Is this your first time at Geddit? Hurrah! We've got a special gift for you.
    Sign up at and we'll get in touch!
  2. Paying for Geddit
    As Geddit is typically accompanied by a specially curated 3-course meal, we do suggest a contribution of RM18 towards the cost of your meal.
    You may make payment via bank transfer:
    Bank: RHB Bank
    Bank holder: CERC Trust
    Account Number: 2-14062-0010841-5
  3. Getting to Geddit
    On Sundays at 9.00AM or 6.30PM, join us at CERC Central in Bandar Sunway. You can find directions to Geddit here.
Can I join the event virtually?

Yes, we will be livestreaming the event for those who cannot attend physically because they:

  1. tested positive for COVID-19,
  2. are close contacts,
  3. are exhibiting symptoms, or
  4. are geographically unable to attend physically.

For everyone else, we recommend attending Geddit physically for the full experience!

Do I need to pay if I join the event virtually?

Kindly note that if you are attending Geddit virtually, you do not have to pay!

Will there be creche services available if I bring my child to Geddit?

CERC Kids has prepared KIDS GET TOGETHER for your little ones, running concurrently with Geddit in the morning for all 4 weeks (24th & 31st July, 7th & 14th Aug) from 9am-12pm. We hope to see your little ones learning about our true King Jesus (from Two Ways to Live) with their new and old friends while their parents think and discuss about life in relation to the resurrected Lord of life at Geddit!


Here's the venue for KIDS GET TOGETHER:

  • Tots: No.32
  • Kindy: No.20 (Anna house)
  • Junior: CERC Office (EMR)
  • Senior: CERC Office (Common Area)

Children categories:

  • Tots: 2-3 years
  • Kindy: 4-6 years
  • Junior: 7-9 years
  • Senior: 10-12 years

*Tots will be continuing their existing syllabus during these 4 geddit weeks

I have more questions about Geddit? Who can I contact?

If you have any enquiries, just drop us a direct message via social media, or call / WhatsApp us at +6016-3089393.

What is a Geddit Get-Together (GGT)?

Geddit Get-Togethers (GGTs) are where we meet in smaller groups and in a less formal setting to hang out, do fun activities, and have deeper conversations about the big questions in life presented at Geddit.

Interested? Head over here to join the nearest group near you.

Where do I find past performances and talks from Geddit?

Head on over to Geddit TV to see past performances from Geddit.

You can also view previous talks here.

How can I keep up with the latest updates from Geddit?

Check out and follow our social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Spotify -- where we upload our latest performances, music arrangements, skits, talks, and more!