10AM-1PM & 5-8PM

Can't seem to figure life out?

Geddit Virtual will be bringing you
6 sessions of thought-provoking performances and talks
based on the book of Ephesians to help you
Get God, Get Life.

This book seeks to answer the big questions in life,
such as, "Who are we?", "Why do we exist?",
“Why is the world the way it is?”, and “How shall we live?”.

In doing so, the book helps us find our identity—
one in which we can have confidence, is deeply rooted, and is completely unshakeable.

Let's work together and figure it out.
Come and  Geddit?

Sundays | 10am-1pm & 5pm-8pm

Want to discuss your thoughts with someone?
Still got questions about what you just heard?
Why not join our small groups?

Join us!