Do you get who you are?
Know where you're going?
Maybe you believe you already know the answer to this.
But maybe you also wonder if you've got the full picture on life.
Here's something to think about: Have you thought of everything?
What's everything?
Your whole life revolves around this and we're keen on helping you get the full picture.
Let’s get together.

Let’s think big thoughts.

Let’s ask the questions that really get us going.

Let’s get a hold of life and get going
in the right direction.

We can work together to get God’s whole-some truth
on this matter of great importance: your-life

Because getting it right means going well.

And not getting it right means you end up not going
where you thought you’d go.

You don’t want that.

You want to

  • "I've always wondered if God had a purpose for me. Ever since I was a kid, I would think about where my life was headed. At Geddit, I realised that there was one God who created me with one purpose - to live my life serving Him. It was clear and simple, and from that moment on I have not doubted my life's true purpose."

    - Siao Shuang

  • "I knew that I was living a purposeless life, but I didn't know where to find answers to life's meaning. I'm glad that my friend invited me to Geddit. I got a chance to think through questions like "why do i exist" or "what's the meaning of my life" in a comfortable space. Ever since Geddit ft. Romans, I've never worked as hard as I do now because I know my life belongs to God and I was made to serve Him."

    - Adrian Tan

  • "I was always curious about why people couldn't live out their life to the fullest. People would work, enjoy themselves and then die? That was pretty sad. I appreciate how I could ask anything at Geddit. It helped me trust God as the creator & maker of life although it was a new idea. Eventually I realised life was always meant to be lived for God, not myself."

    - Ghai Yein